High Chair

Lazy, dazy, springtime crazy,

Thinking my thoughts as the Sun

        Sets down hazy.

Thinking my thoughts, in a

      Chair thru the sky,

    The jetplane fly,

The stewardess knows me,

      One More Guy

Who pays for her


Her smile, her good



  And would I like

      A bite? To eat? A

  Choice, there are

    Two kinds of meat, a

  Meal, at thirty

    Thousand feet, my

  Tray, I've salt and pepper.


Across the aisle,

    Another smile

Another meal,

  Another mile. She bends, her skirt

  -- Her sheltered thigh --

  Is naked to

    My naked eye

And glands perform. The meat is warm. I

      Cut it

    With my shiny knife, half-

  Wonder, Is she

Someone's wife? Is all that snow