Through a Telescopic Lens I Saw

Through a telescopic lens, I saw

  Trees of another planet

Trees in a distant galaxy,

  Growing, flowing,

    Down at me,

        Like a cool and misty waterfall.


Living tubes,

  Canals of sap.

Birds and branches,

  Creak and flap.

    Chemicals change,

      Remain intact, or,

    Forming molecules,


  Underneath the atomic tree,

      Elements mingle, and think they are me.



Lie on my back, and

  Look at the sky. Wonder, should I

Wonder why, when

Brain is chemicals,

  Chemicals lie;


  Lungs + Thoughts + Air make Sigh.


Electrons move

  In a cellular groove

To be filed in my brain

  Under Pleasure or Pain

      And thus, to stimulate action

(Arising from the forest floor,

Possessing a little and wishing for more

      In search of satisfaction).